return-website-memeThe Long-Awaited Return to Huckleberry Hill

Anna and Felty Helmuth are back!


return-to-huckleberry-hillAnna and Felty’s grandson Reuben Helmuth is plenty bitter. He’s fed up with girls, two-faced friends, and people in general. His best friend John betrayed his trust and is now engaged to the only girl Reuben ever loved. Reuben is getting along just fine wallowing in his misery until John’s sister Fern comes to town, and she starts making a pest of herself in an attempt to mend fences. It’s bad enough that she won’t stop preaching to him about forgiveness, but she claims she wants to be his friend too. Can’t he just be rid of her?

Fern King feels terrible about the way things turned out between Reuben and her brother. John is too ashamed to make amends with Reuben, so the job falls to Fern. Fern hopes to convince Reuben to let go of his anger and find another girl, but when she brings a parade of girls to help Reuben forget what he’s lost, she doesn’t expect to fall in love with him herself. Will Reuben be able to forget his heartache and accept the love that’s right in front of his face?

To help Reuben find true love, Anna will have to pull out her best recipes, convince Fern to stay in town, and start a knitting club. Let the fun begin!

Coming May 30! Don’t miss it!


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Another Huckleberry Hill romance awaits in The Reluctant Groom, a part of the Amish Brides anthology with stories by me, Molly Jebber, and Amy Lillard. Amish Brides also releases May 30! There’s lots of romantic summer reading in store.

Brides jpgSuvie Newswenger is in a pickle. She’s twenty-six years old and has already turned down three perfectly good marriage proposals, but Suvie refuses to settle for just any boy in the community, and that’s why she has her eye on handsome, brooding Aaron Beachy, Anna and Felty Helmuth’s great-grandson. Aaron is kind, humble, and godly, and his wife has been gone for almost three years. But snagging a husband like Aaron will take single-minded determination and every trick the matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill have up their sleeves. Can Suvie, with the help of Anna’s Spam-and-asparagus casserole, convince Aaron to open his heart and find love again?

Preorder now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

I hope you’ve been enjoying my blog! It features quilt patterns and instructions from my sister Allison Sharp, delicious, down-home recipes from the Honeybee sisters, with a little help from my daughters Nicole Thorpe and Jessica Knowlton, advice for the lovelorn from Anna and Felty Helmuth, and farming advice from longtime, part-time farmer Richard Gappmayer, my dad. Enjoy!

Don’t miss some of the recipes in the Honeybee Sisters Cookbook featured on The After Work Cook’s blog. Amish cooking is the 4th Monday of every month!

Don’t knock the weather. Without it, most people couldn’t start a conversation. Amish Proverb


Sour cherries


The Rifle in the Cherry Tree
By Richard Gappmayer (Jennifer’s father)
When the German POWs would come to work on my father’s farm they would, during the first summer, be accompanied by a guard. This guard would be armed with an M1 rifle. I don’t know if it was loaded. I suspect that it was not.
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