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Amish Christmas Miracles Author: Laura Bradford

It's my pleasure to introduce another author participating in the collection, Laura Bradford.

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Amish Christmas Miracles

Amish Christmas Miracles is now available for pre-order, and it's only 99-cents!

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1 day ago

Jennifer Beckstrand Author

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I am so excited for this!!!

So happy

I have a question for you all that I wonder about every time I write or read an Amish romance.

In your opinion, is it a happily-ever-after if the heroine (or hero) leaves the Amish faith at the end of the book? Meaning, do you consider it a happy ending to have her/him marry someone outside of the faith and leave the Amish church? 

I just finished an Amish romance set during WWII, and the woman leaves her faith to marry the man she loves. Shes kind of miserable at the end (during the wedding scene) because she is so sad that she will be separated from her family for, well, forever. But it also felt like a happy ending because her Amish relatives and neighbors were so mean to her that I definitely wanted her to marry the guy and leave the church.

Huckleberry Hearts is my only book where the heroine leaves the Amish, but she has already left before the story begins. And Aunt Bitsys suitor in An Amish Christmas Candle is willing to leave the church for her, but he doesnt.

What are your thoughts?

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Just depends on how the story is written. Sometimes the story dictates how it should end, perhaps her family never really treated her well & her sweetheart just loves her so much & shows her what acceptance & happiness truly is.

Of course I love the most of the time they say was in their face but I know that love can lead them to a new life if they're willing to accept that so then I think it's God's way I still watching over them but still giving them a happy life take care

I think that it is a difficult thing for those of us who haven’t been raised with such restrictions as in the Amish faith to fully understand what leaving the Amish faith really means to the leaver and their family and community. I have read some books where I want the character to leave, others where I want the outsider to join the Amish faith and they may or may not have. I agree with listening to the Holy Spirit and aligning yourself (characters in the story) leading. I struggle with the religious spirit that the unwritten laws made by the Amish community are more important than what the Word says. I understand that shunning is done in love from their perspective, but it feels more like manipulation to me. For the most part, I greatly admire their sense of community and family values. Bottom line, I want happily ever after for everyone! I know life isn’t like that, but I live in that world. I like to escape to the other where it ends right! Don’t know if this helps you any in answering your questions. Please keep writing ✍️! Blessings!

I prefer that they stay Amish but would understand if they left because of some heinous offense committed against them or for their personal happiness.

That is why I read! There are all different kinds of situations in life. How we deal with them is up to the individual. Not all decisions are good, not all bad. It is what you make of the situation. Love is a powerful thing! Is it enough to leave your family forever? The individual has to make that call. To me it would be the most difficult decision ever!

Love the “Huckleberry” books. I hate to see a person leave the faith, but enjoy seeing a “special other” join. ❤️

As long as it makes that person happy. I understand it's a struggle and hard decision. They are choosing what God wants them to do. I would love to read the book you were describing. Sounds very interesting.

I dislike when a character leaves the faith, I always feel that somehow they find peace, but I believe they rarely will. I hate the Bann, so wrong!

I like a few stories where one or the other changes their faith not all. It's good for a change of pace or as a different kind of story.

Unbaptisted is better so they have the option in some cases to speak with family and friends.

I have have just got to start reading these Huckleberry stories!

There goes my phone to words messing up not their face their lifestyle

I like it when they stay and have a happy family.

I prefer they stay but if they leave please make it before baptism so they're not shunned.

It really depends on the story. If the story is put together well like yours are then it will make sense for her to marry outside the faith

If leaving is right for the character's heart and HEA, I am all for it. Not everyone stays in the faith they were born in. Some struggle and want to still be a Christian in a less restrictive religious structure.

It depends on the story. Sometimes leaving is the happy ending. Sometimes not leaving is.

Either way! But I would like to see the ending you described

Not allowing ex Amish not to see there family is wrong in my mind. I think we all want a happy ending. I have an ex Amish friend that several family members also left. She wasn't treated very well so I think she's a lot happier not being Amish.

I must read. If there is love, there can be a happy ever after without the Amish church.

I prefer they stay Amish.Marrying outside of faith rarely works well

Just finding someone to love, and who will love you, and being happy together is what's most important.

I have to say for me I want them to stay with their Amish Faith. I definitely like the happy endings

I just want Happily Ever After endings. And I want the Amish to stay Amish.

Love , acceptance, and kindness is a happy ending

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