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“Once again, Jennifer Beckstrand has produced the most wonderful, heartwarming, amusing, and feel good novel.”


Sam Sensenig is at the end of his rope. It’s all he can do to look after his younger siblings, work the farm, and care for his ailing mother. So when the new school teacher starts picking on Sam’s disabled brother, his patience snaps. It doesn’t matter if she has eyes as blue as the sky or skin as smooth as a freshly tilled soil. She’s feisty and stubborn and has a mean streak a mile long. If she thinks she can bully his brother just because she’s the teacher, she has another thing coming.

Elsie Stutzman’s plain speaking stubborn streak has gotten her into trouble before. But even though she’s determined to be more diplomatic with parents and the school board, she doesn’t intend to let Sam Sensenig tell her how to run her classroom, and she certainly doesn’t intend to be swayed by his handsome face. She has a job to do, and it does not include catering to a spoiled adolescent or his cantankerous older brother. Now if only Mammi would quit knitting potholders for Sam…

No one is hopeless, whose hope is in God.~Amish Proverb


Young Striped Skunk in roadside ditch

My (Sort of) Battle with a Skunk

| By Alesha Thompson, Jennifer’s sister |

On our mini farm in Wisconsin, we have lots of critters. Mostly our awesome tomcat, Pippin, takes care of them—mice, chipmunks, and even rabbits. But there is one critter that even Pippin can’t defeat. We know this because we will periodically smell the strong scent of skunk on him, and we’ll know he’s lost another round with a skunk.
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