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    "Oh my, oh my! Jennifer Beckstrand is now on the top of my favorite Amish authors list. Five stars is not enough. I give it ten stars. I must warn you, you will NOT put it down until the last page." - Themarybookreader.blogspot.com

    Photo by Robert Butterfield

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HuckleberryHeartsCoverDear Reader,

As the winds blow and the snows fall, it’s time to curl up with a good book!

What could be better than a visit to Huckleberry Hill?

What do you get when you combine a doctor who’s lost his faith, a woman who can’t stand him, and an Amish grandmother who likes to meddle? Love, of course! It’s going to be the most romantic maple sugaring time ever on Huckleberry Hill. In Huckleberry Hearts, Anna and Felty Helmuth, a pair of feisty eighty-year-olds, are at it again, trying to match their disillusioned granddaughter with the most unlikely young man of all. They’ll use any means necessary to bring the reluctant pair together, including a knitted steering wheel cover, a blanket for a turtle, a plate of orange-macadamia nut cookies, and a bloody nose. Huckleberry Hearts is full of laughter, tears, and a wonderful-gute dose of heartwarming romance. The perfect read to keep you warm on a cold winter day. Be sure to pick up your copy online or at many fine bookstores. And, happy reading!

My little grandchildren — Cooper, Deric, Calvin, and Anne. I just want to eat ’em up!


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