Ah, camping! Fresh air and campfire, tinfoil dinners and roasted marshmallows, chickens running for their lives and spiders crawling up Anna’s neck. What fun! Welcome to Huckleberry Hill, where Anna and Felty Helmuth busily make matches for their grandchildren and get into all sorts of trouble. In Home on Huckleberry Hill, the adventures get a little out of hand as Anna and Felty go camping to help their granddaughter find love again.

Home on Huckleberry Hill is different from anything I’ve written before because the couple who need help falling in love are already married to each other. Mary Anne Neuenschwander has fallen out of love with her husband, Jethro, but because the Amish don’t believe in divorce, Mary Anne moves into a tent in the woods behind their house. When Anna and Felty get wind of Mary Anne’s living situation, they decide that if they want to get Mary Anne and Jethro back together, they’ll have to plan a little camping trip of their own.

Home on Huckleberry Hill features campfires, tents, a porta-potty, a hammock, and a chicken named Sharon. Spoiler alert: The chickens do not fare well in the woods.

This book was both incredibly challenging and incredibly fun to write. A wife leaving her husband is a serious subject, but I loved writing about how Mary Anne and Jethro learn to communicate and come to truly appreciate one another. I also loved taking Anna and Felty camping. They get into some pretty tight scrapes.

I hope you will take many beautiful lessons from this book. It is never too late to fix a mistake, and forgiveness frees and empowers us. Love will always find a way if we’ll open our hearts to it.

And if you’re sleeping in a motor home, be sure to set the parking brake, or you might just end somewhere you didn’t want to be.