Big Ideas

How to unleash your creative self and have more Aha! Moments

You have problems—mind-bending, frustrating, annoying problems.

You need solutions. You need good ideas, and you need to know how to get them.

Where do you start in the search for ideas?

And not just good ideas but profound, focused, life-changing ideas?

Big ideas.

Is it possible to be more creative, to discover far-reaching solutions to difficult problems, to develop innovative ideas that not only improve your life but catapult it in a better direction?

Yes, it is.

Every great discovery, creation, or invention has its genesis in a problem. The search for solutions is how big ideas come about. And big ideas can change the world.

“This knowledge has inspired me to reconsider my approach to work, family…to life in general, and to help others do the same.” Workshop participant

Written by Craig Case and Jennifer Beckstrand