Jennifer’s Books

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The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill

HuckHill183_300Huckleberry Hill
January 2014
HuckSummer183_300Huckleberry Summer
June 2014
HuckChristmas183_300Huckleberry Christmas
October 2014
HuckSpring183_300Huckleberry Spring
January 2015
HuckHarvest184_300Huckleberry Harvest
May 2015
HuckHearts183_300Huckleberry Hearts
November 2015
ReturnToHuckHill183x300Return to Huckleberry Hill
May 2017
CourtshipCover183x300Courtship on Huckleberry Hill
January 2018
HomeonHuckleberryHill_183x300Home on Huckleberry Hill
June 2018

The Honeybee Sisters

BEE_Sweet183x300Sweet as Honey
June 28, 2016
BEE_Bonnet183x300A Bee in her Bonnet
July 26, 2016
BEE_Honey183x300Like a Bee to Honey
August 30, 2016


ChristmasQuilt200x300A Perfect Amish Christmas
In An Amish Christmas Quilt
October 2014
ChristmasKitchen200x300The Christmas Bakery on Huckleberry Hill
In The Amish Christmas Kitchen
October 2016
AMISH_BRIDES199x300The Reluctant Groom
(A Huckleberry Hill Romance)
In Amish Brides
May 2017
AmishChristmasCandle200x300A Honeybee Christmas
(A Honeybee Sisters Romance)
In The Amish Christmas Candle
September 2017

Forever After in Apple Lake

Kate197x300Kate’s Song
May 2012
Rebecca197x300Rebecca’s Rose
August 2012
Miriam191x300Miriam’s Quilt
February 2013

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