A new contemporary romance series by Jennifer Beckstrand

Welcome to Dandelion Meadows, Idaho where the annual Dandelion Jelly festival draws dozens of visitors each year, the local gathering spot is the Pioneer Hair Museum, and the town boasts more barbershop quartets per capita than anywhere else in the country. There’s a ranch with no cattle, a beer hall that doesn’t serve alcohol, and a mayor who defeated her husband in the last election. In Dandelion Meadows, the wildflowers bloom with abandon, the cowboys are real, and love grows wild and free in the fresh mountain air.

Book 1: A House Divided

The last thing Emma Dustin wants is to come crawling back to Dandelion Meadows with her tail between her legs, but a mix-up at her financial planning firm has left her without a job and without another option. Uncle Harvey, may he rest in peace, left Emma his house plus the little piece of land he used to farm, and there is nowhere else for her to go. Despite her humiliation at coming home unemployed, Emma is determined to fulfill Uncle Harvey’s last wish, even though she isn’t quite sure what it is. Is it possible for Emma to make a life in Dandelion Meadows? And will the mayor put her in charge of the Sandpaper History festival?

One-time cowboy and full-time geologist Matt Matthews is not the bad guy, even if Emma Dustin thinks he is. He’s only trying to restore his father’s fortune, the fortune Emma’s uncle Harvey cheated his father out of right before Harvey died. Harvey must have had some remorse because he left Matt the house in his will, but Emma Dustin has the nerve to show up and claim the house is hers. Well, possession is nine-tenths of the law, and Matt isn’t about to move out. Unfortunately, neither is Emma. Emma is cute and irresistibly feisty, but she’s in Matt’s way, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get her out of his house and away from Dandelion Meadows. But can he get rid of his unwelcome housemate before he falls in love with her?

Coming in 2020!