I’m a grandma again but apparently not a good babysitter.

new babyOn Sunday, my second grandchild was born. Yes, he is adorable. So writing this week is pretty much impossible as I am watching the first grandchild while his mommy sleeps. This morning my 20-month-old grandson was playing at our house, slipped on the tile, and got a very large goose egg on his forehead. So I am feeling like a very bad grandma. Since I am busy being a grandma, I will just tell you a story today.

My husband and I have heard so many horror stories about pornography on the Internet that we are understandably paranoid about it. We’ve instructed our children again and again to avoid the stuff like poison.

One day my fourth-grader son came home from school very upset. At that time, he had this cute, little high voice and when he got upset, his voice got even higher. He told me he had read an inappropriate word at school while doing a computer exercise. Being the concerned parent I am, I went to the school and talked to the teacher about it. She was also very concerned and told me she would watch carefully since the children did these exercises over and over again to improve their reading skills. We told my son to tell the teacher if he ever saw something inappropriate again.

A few weeks later the mystery was solved.

“I found out what it was on the computer that upset your son,” the teacher informed me. The offending word had reappeared in one of his quizzes.

“What was it?”

“Booby trap.”

I went home and hugged my son, grateful for his innocence. It’s so easily lost these days.

July 10, 2013  |  Family, Getting Older, Motherhood


  1. Congratulations on being a grandmother again! What joy these little ones bring us. Such a sweet story about your little son as a fourth grader!

  2. Hello my friend. The story about your son made me laugh so much. I will laugh again every time I think of it. My oldest girl that lost her hubby last year, used to call him Booby. I hated that, but it was just a special word to them. I forgot to ask sometime why she started that. Congrats on the new baby. I love babies. And, yes you are a good babysitter. These accidents can and do happen to anyone. And, I believe you are experienced in babysitting. :) Sure would love to see you again and chat. One of my best memories. Maxie

  3. Congratulations on being a Gram again. Loved the story. Booby trap to precious!!!!

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