My trip to Wisconsin Amish Country!

Last week I spent three glorious days in Wisconsin Amish country. I got to meet Kathy Kuderer, proprietor of Down-a-Country-Road Gift Shops in Cashton, Ken Natzke, who gives Amish tours in Bonduel, and Richard Dawley, who writes books about the Amish and has had a big influence on my novels. I also met some very kind and generous Amish folks who opened up their homes and lives to me and let me take a peek. What a marvelous experience! What made it even better is that my mom, Anne, and my sister Alesha got to share it with me.

I love quilts! What better place to see quilts that Amish country?


A beautiful quilt from Yoder’s Quilt Shop in Wautoma


In Cashton. Typical quilt the Amish would use because the fabric itself has no pattern.


I can’t get over the intricate stitching.










Kathy Kuderer showed us many sites in Cashton. She has a darling collection of gift shops right in the heart of Amish country. The Friends of the Cashton Library sponsored a book signing and discussion in one of Kathy’s gift shops.


Kathy, me, and my mom.


The attention to detail at Kathy’s place is delightful.


One of Kathy’s shops.










Ken Natzke outdid himself with our tour in Bonduel. We had lunch with an Amish woman and her new baby and sat down with the bishop of one of the districts and visited for almost an hour. We talked to two school teachers, a brother and sister, and then went back to the bishop’s house because he had one more thing he wanted to tell us.


The homes and properties are so well-kept. Everywhere we went was beautiful.


Me and my sister at Yoder’s Bakery in Bonduel.


This family raises hundreds of mums.










One family raises chickens, 3000 on the property we visited.


That is a lot of chickens.


That is a lot of eggs.


Another family breeds racehorses.










At the school, the teachers pull a curtain to separate their classes.


Mitts resting on the handrail, waiting for another game of softball.


The schoolhouse took me back about a hundred-and-fifty years.


In Cashton, a brother and sister ride their little wagon home from school.


October 1, 2013  |  Amish, Faith, Family


  1. What a beautiful picture journey. Makes me want to pack my bags & head East (from Montana).
    Thanks for the day brightener. :-)

  2. It looks and sound like you had a most wonderful time. The pictures are all so pretty and the quilts are all so beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. I would so love a trip like this with someone who could show me around. Glad you enjoyed your trip. And, that your mom and sister were included. Can I be your grandmother? LOL love you, Maxie

  4. I have visited my relatives in Wisconsin and while there visited the Amish country also. Was fun to visit their little shops. I still have a cute Amish doll in a nightie that I bought there. So cute. This was in the De Pere area, close to Door county.

    • Sonja,
      I am amazed at how many tiny Amish settlements there are all over Wisconsin. It has the fourth largest Amish population in the country.

  5. Would love to visit the Amish in Wisconsin. I’ve been to Lancaster, Pa. and Berlin, Ohio and they were great.

  6. I love visiting Shipshewana Indiana for glimpses into the Amish life. I also love reading Christian Fiction, and am excited about your book contest on Facebook! Always looking for new and inspiring great reads!

  7. I had the pleasure of visiting Cashton and the surrounding beautifully peaceful area last Fall. It was so lovely with the splashes of orange, red & gold dotting the rolling landscape. Tucked away on the narrow roads were busy Amish farms. It was the second time my husband and I were able to travel to that area and I knew I had to stop at Down-A-Country-Road gift shop. I love that place with all the different little shops and the assorted kitties lounging around in the sun outside. While I was there I purchased Kate’s Song, Rebecca’s Rose and Miriam’s Quilt. I just finished the last one. They were wonderful! I checked a couple of weeks ago to see if you had written any more books and was pleased to see that indeed you had. I ordered Huckleberry Hill and will start that tonight. I have read mostly Amish fiction for the last 15 years. I especially enjoy the simple life style that they have and appreciate their deep faith in God.

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