Quilt in Progress

quilting 4 quilting 5What could be better than a quilting bee? While you sit around a quilt and put tiny stitches into fabric, your mind is free to focus on the women surrounding you. The women who attend your quilting bee are usually dear relatives like daughters and mothers and sisters, and while your hands are busy, your conversation knits your hearts together in love.

Yesterday, two of my sisters, my mother, and I spent the afternoon quilting the wall hanging I am giving away in my website contest. Three of us have to wear corrective eyewear to see the needle and thread, two of us have grandchildren, and all of us have hectic lives. But quilting is almost like meditation. You have to be still and focus on a single point while being careful not to injure yourself. (According to my sister, a quilt isn’t really finished until a little blood is spilled.) How often do any of us sit down with the people we love and have a meaningful conversation? Most days, my children and I are lucky if we say “good morning,” “good night,” and “please, don’t put your shoes on the table.”

But quilting reminds us to slow down and focus on the most important things—like each other. And when we’re done, we’re left with something beautiful to remind us of lives stitched together in love.

quilting 1

Me, my mom, and Allison

quilting 2

My mom, my sister Allison, and my sister Melinda

March 5, 2013  |  Family, Inspirational


  1. Jennifer, I can remember when I used to watch my Mother and Gramma bring the quilting rack down from the ceiling and quilt. but they didn’t teach the kid like the Amish do. I have sewn many years of my life. Made simple dresses for 2 little nieces when I was 9 or 10. But, when I was in the Eastern Star, I tried to quilt but, couldn’t do it without sticking my fingers and bleeding. Not good on quilts. LOL Maxie

    • Maxie, I love to quilt when I have the time, and I do know how to sew, but not well. I once sewed right through my finger on the machine, and the needle broke off. There is still a piece of it in my finger which the doctor can’t find to dig out. Ouch!

  2. I so enjoyed this. Both of my grandmothers taught me different aspects of quilting. They and my mother have gone to be with The Lord now, but I continue to quilt. Seeing your pictures brings to mind my precious of quilting with them. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Quilt update: The quilt now has two drops of blood, and there is only one more square to go. I plan to finish quilting tomorrow, take the quilt off the frames, and clean up, including vacuuming all the little pieces of thread off the floor. Then I will make some binding and bind the quilt–as soon as I can decide what fabric to use for binding. At the moment, I’m leaning towards a dark green.

  4. I have to agree about the art of quilting. Nothing is more peaceful or more “in the moment” than being with family and friends, gathered around a project, stitching all those lives together. It’s definitely one of those “stop-and-smell-the-roses” experiences.

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