The Reviews are In!

The Reviews are In!

I recently completed a blog tour for “A Courtship on Huckleberry Hill,” my latest Huckleberry Hill novel that came out on December 26. I was humbled and thrilled with the response to this book! Here is a small collection of the reviews from my blog tour. 

“Elsie and Sam were fun and sweet. It took them awhile, mostly due to their own stubbornness, to open up to each other. I enjoyed seeing their relationship blossom, as well as seeing Elsie put Sam in his place a time or two. Once again Ms. Beckstrand has made me wish that I lived on Huckleberry Hill, eating Anna’s unique meals, and maybe even perhaps helping her set up a couple of unsuspecting youngsters! I can’t wait until I can visit again.”

“How can a person feel like they are home in a fictional story? Coming home to Huckleberry Hill is always exciting and heart warming. Anna is still matchmaking and finding love for her kin. I would like to reflect on what makes this series so wonderful. Truly, it is Anna and Felty. These two show nothing but love and faith to those around them and to their readers. They are fictional but to many of us, these two are living in the pages of these books. If a reader is looking to find themselves falling in love with a series, they should look no further. If a reader fondly remembers their school time they should read this book. Amish, Christian, Romance fans; this book is for you.”

“It just doesn’t get any better than returning to Huckleberry Hill and spending time with Anna and Felty, the most precious and memorable octogenarian couple I’ve ever come across. In fact, they’re among my very favorite literary couples. Beckstrand has crafted a series that brings home important spiritual truths in the midst of thoroughly engaging stories – and while each one can stand alone, I highly recommend reading all of them. I loved everything about this story and hope for many more visits to Huckleberry Hill. Highly recommended.”

jpg courtship“This is my first time having the pleasure of diving into Huckleberry Hill and meeting the lovable and memorable characters there. I review many Amish fictions, but this author and this series easily ranks up there with my favorites. Jennifer Beckstrand has such a gifted way of making both the town and the characters alive and memorable. The characters were richly developed and had such wonderful dialogue, personalities and quirks. There were many times that I laughed outright at something humorous that was said or done. However, what will keep me coming back for more from this author was the storyline itself. It moved along at a quick pace, which made it almost impossible to put down. But I loved that the author didn’t feel the need to add massive drama or a horrible tragedy or a terrible misunderstanding. Granted, there’s a time and a place for those. But sometimes, a nice, fun and encouraging read is the best comfort food. Which is exactly what I found in unforgettable Huckleberry Hill.”

“The characters are so realistically and well described, that you immediately become attached to them. Anna is such a delightful character, even when making a pest of herself! The elderly characters bring smiles and giggles as they captivate you with their individuality, while attempting to put love in the hearts of two young people. The plot moves steadily towards the goal…. marriage of another single person!! This is a book that compels the reader to read it in one sitting. I could not put it down!! It was a sweet story that just captured my undivided attention and tickled my funny bone. I highly recommend this five star book to all readers, those who love a sweet love story, humorous happenings and simply a GREAT book!”

February 26, 2018  |  Amish, Author's Corner, Romance

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