You’re only as young as you think your mother was.

SCAN0129I remember when we used to have “50’s Day” in high school. I would look at my mom’s old yearbooks for ideas, find some acceptable clothing at the thrift store, and put my hair in pin curls. I thought it was really a kick to dress so old fashioned. It was a very rude awakening when several years later, my daughter came home from school wanting to look at my old yearbooks because they were having “80’s Day” at school.

Wait a minute. I went to school in the eighties. It was not that long ago. Those were not the olden days. Oh, the humiliation, oh, the outrage.

It is quite upsetting to think that my offspring consider me old. When my oldest daughter got married, I was about the same age my mom was when I got married. I remember my wedding day. I thought my mom was ancient. Well, I will not take this lying down. Now I look at my mom and think, “She’s not that old. When I’m her age, I’m not really going to be that old.” This will save me from being horrified at how old I thought my mom was all those years ago.

The good news is, my son has given me a reason to feel proud of my age. He recently discovered an old sweatshirt I used to wear and a cable sweater of his dad’s from the late twentieth century. My son actually wears these vintage clothes to school and doesn’t care that all the other kids can see him. Our outdated and tacky fashions are suddenly hip.

I feel so young.

January 30, 2013

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